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PWD Breaks Ground on Pure Water AV Demonstration Facility, Launching a Secure Water Supply Future

By July 3, 2024No Comments

Palmdale, CA – Palmdale Water District (PWD) is one step closer to producing a cost-effective and more reliable high-quality water supply with today’s groundbreaking of its Pure Water Antelope Valley (AV) Demonstration Facility, which will purify recycled water for potable use.

The groundbreaking was attended by nearly 100 people, including California Natural Resources Agency Deputy Secretary of Water Nancy Vogel, legislative representatives, PWD Board of Directors and staff, and Capture6 officials. Charley Wilson, executive director of Southern California Water Coalition, served as the emcee.

“Pure Water Antelope Valley will help the state achieve its recycled water targets while generating data to inform future carbon capture and brine disposal technologies,” Vogel said. “It advances Newsom Administration climate goals and helps drought-proof Palmdale homes and businesses.”

The Demonstration Facility, expected to be completed in one year at a cost of $24.5 million, will have a purification room that will run recycled water through micro-filtration filters, reverse osmosis filters and ultraviolet light with advanced oxidation. The state-of-the art procedure will remove more than 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and ions (like salt).

“This is quite a momentous occasion for Palmdale Water District and the community we serve,” said PWD Board President Kathy Mac Laren-Gomez. “We appreciate the support today as we move forward with aligning ourselves with numerous statewide projects that use water purification treatment for recycled water.”

Pure Water AV will be the first advanced water treatment plant in California to house “Project Monarch,” a water management and carbon capture equipment supplied by Capture6. Capture6, a climate technology and services company, is leasing space to capture carbon that will save PWD costs for brine disposal.

“We’re thrilled to work with Palmdale Water District on this innovative project that addresses PWD’s local needs in terms of brine management and freshwater production, while drawing carbon out of the atmosphere,” said Capture6 CEO Ethan Cohen-Cole.

The Demonstration Facility is required by the state before a full-scale project, estimated at $200 million, can be built by PWD. When the full-scale facility is operational in mid-2029, it will provide an additional 5,000 acre-feet of water per year by using recycled water and treating it for groundwater augmentation. For more information about Pure Water AV, visit

“Pure Water will secure our long-term water supply,” said PWD General Manager Dennis D. LaMoreaux. “It is vital for us to be a forward-thinking district and seek ways to ensure that there is enough water supply to meet the growth of the Palmdale community. Pure Water will enable us to be more drought-proof, have local control of our water and improve our
groundwater quality and quantity. Having the ability to have ‘Project Monarch’ capture carbon is a win-win for everyone.”

Capture6 is a climate technology and services company operating at the intersection of carbon removal, clean water, and green chemicals. The company develops and commercializes highly scalable approaches to remove CO2 from the atmosphere at the market’s lowest carbon dioxide removal (CDR) prices, while simultaneously producing other climate positive, revenue-generating outputs such as clean water and critical minerals. Capture6 currently offers cost-effective, environmentally friendly brine elimination solutions, implemented via joint ventures with desalination plants, water treatment facilities and other brine-producing processes. By utilizing existing, well-characterized technologies that already operate at scale, Capture6 mitigates technology and supply chain risk. Capture6’s mission is to advance projects that result in multiple benefits including emissions reduction, climate adaptation and permanent carbon removal. To learn more about Capture6, visit

Since 1918, the Palmdale Water District has provided high-quality water at a reasonable cost. We pride ourselves on providing great customer care; advocating for local water issues that help our residents; educating the community on water-use efficiency; and leading our region in researching and implementing emerging technologies that increase operational efficiency. For
more information about PWD, visit