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Through a partnership with Capture6, a carbon capture technology startup, Pure Water AV may become the first advanced water treatment plant to use cutting edge, direct air technology, providing PWD with an effective and beneficial brine disposal alternative.
Brine is a natural saline byproduct of the water purification process, and it must be properly disposed of so it does not get back into the existing drinking water supply Capture6’s carbon capture technology would treat and clean the brine, generating byproducts that are then used to capture and remove CO2 from the atmosphere. This transformative approach would eliminate the need for PWD to acquire, construct, maintain and operate about two miles of pipeline and 72 acres of evaporative ponds for the management of brine from a future commercial-scale facility.

Capture6’s brine treatment process could reduce PWD’s operational costs by 20-40% over the lifetime of the project. At commercial scale, this joint project could remove approximately 100,000 tons of atmospheric CO2 per year to help mitigate climate change.

This innovative pilot program could yield cost savings and environmental benefits for not only Palmdale, but many other inland communities also facing the challenge of brine disposal as they work to create new local water supplies.
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